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Sebastian Korman Custom Services

If you are interested in a few of my works, but you are not sure which one would suit your place, you have the opportunity to preview which one would fit better in your space. Following the steps below can make it easier for you to make a decision.

Take a picture of the space where you are planning to place my work. Send me the photo by email and let me know which works you are interested in. Within an agreed timetable, you will get a demo picture showing how my work will look in the right place. That will ensure that the desired work is indeed the right choice and will definitely fit the space and atmosphere in the way you want. For more information check out my FAQ page too.

On this page, you can see an example of how my work “Time, Eternity and the Forgotten Raven” looks in two different rooms. What could be a better way to make sure that you made the right choice than to see your desired work in your own wall in advance? For more information about my work, “Time, Eternity and the Forgotten Raven”, click here.

Sebastian Korman Custom Services

My work “Time, Eternity and the Forgotten Raven”, 2018, in the bright, spacious room.

Sebastian Korman Custom Services

The same work in the smaller and darker room with the same color palette.

Original works
If you cannot find a work that is right for you from my Art Shop, then you have a chance to order a distinctive piece of work from me. You will get the original work with the color palette you desire, and in just the right size that fits your space.
All my original works can be printed on various materials. Contact me by email for more information.
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