Sebastian Korman


Fine Art Print: Anomalies & Metamorphosis – Part 1

Category: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
Year: 2018
Techniques: Digital painting, photography, and photo editing.

Change, change of state or emotion from the original… Isn’t life itself full of this process at all possible levels? From one moment to another, from day to day, from year to year, we develop, change, and walk endlessly towards the next natural change. And then we will return to the starting point, even without the subtle logic of questioning.

This Fine Art Print is the last part of the art series titled “Anomalies & Metamorphosis” and it describes the evolution of this process to find surprise abnormalities, subtle crosses, intrigued deformations, and marvelous convergences of a pair of natural elements.

Click the picture to see it larger/full screen or check it out from my Art Shop.

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