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Where can we purchase prints?

You can purchase my works directly from my Art Shop.

Is it possible to license your artworks?
Yes, all of my artworks are available for licensing. Get in touch by email.

Can we share your artwork?

Yes, sure you can share my artwork if you include my name and link to my website: However, you cannot use my artworks without my permission in any publication. If you want permission, please contact me by email.

What kind of materials and printing technique do you use?

The most of my printed artworks are available for purchase as a Limited Edition full-color or black and white prints, using the highest quality of fine art papers, a printer with pigment ink (Epson UltraChrome™ K3) which guarantees long-lasting color and saturation. Some of my artworks are available as Open Edition too.

For most of my fine art prints, I use the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta 315 g/m² (100% Cotton, white, high-gloss finish) fine art paper. It produces stunning print results with outstanding reproduction of color and detail, deep blacks and perfect contrasts. For more information about this fantastic paper click here.

Do you print on matte papers or other materials too?

Because every work is unique, I always choose the best paper for each fine art print to achieve the best possible piece of art. This is why I use fine art papers from the following brands: Hahnemühle®, Museo®, and Epson®.

I mainly use Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta 315 g/m² (100% Cotton, white, high-gloss finish) paper for my fine art prints but if you want your artwork to be printed on matte paper, please let me know that when finishing your purchase.

As a special request, some of my artworks can be printed also on various types of material (e.g. ChromaLuxe high-definition metal, Canvas). Consider always to use a UV glass or a continuous cast acrylic on your final framed artwork. It will protect your artwork from harmful UV rays with anti-reflective properties. Find out more about this from here or from your professional framing service.

​What does “Limited Edition” mean?

Most of my printed artworks are labeled as a Limited Edition which means they are produced in a limited quantity set. When a Limited Edition runs out the prints will no longer be available. The bigger the size of requested artwork is, the less fine art prints are available for purchase. So naturally, the bigger fine art print you are interested in, the more valuable it is. This makes my Limited Edition Fine Art prints suitable for art collectors too. You can see more information about each artwork’s limited number of prints (e.g. Edition of 30) when choosing the size of the artwork in my Art Shop.

​What does “Open Edition” mean?
Some of my works are labeled as Open Edition Fine Art prints. They are printed the same way on the highest quality fine art papers as my Limited Edition Fine Art prints too but they are not meant for art collectors for the following reasons:
1. Open Editions have no limit on the number of prints produced.
2. They do not have the certification of authenticity with my signature.
These facts make my Open Edition Fine Art prints more affordable for purchase than my Limited Edition prints. Please, email me if you have any questions about my Open Edition Fine Art prints.

The durability and lifespan of your Limited Edition Fine Art prints?
There are many factors that cause image degradation: paper type, inkjet materials, conditions such as light, heat, atmospheric pollutants, etc. Any paint, photo or art print cannot stand straight sunlight for a long time. Keep your valuable art print in good lighting conditions and use a UV glass or continuous cast acrylic. Epson UltraChrome K3 ink has improved print permanence characteristics that provide lightfastness ratings of up to 70 years for Color and over 150 years for Black and White prints under rigorous industry accepted display conditions. Also, the paper type will affect a lot for lightfastness. Read more from here.

​How about your Open Edition artworks, colors, and lightfastness?

“Open Edition” artworks are printed exactly the same way as my Limited Edition Fine Art prints too. But because Open Editions have no limit on the number of prints produced, they are more affordable to purchase. Remember to use always a UV glass or a continuous cast acrylic on your final framed artwork. It will protect your artwork from harmful UV rays as stated above.

​Can I purchase your artworks on special sizes?

Yes absolutely! For any inquiries contact me by email.

​Can I see the print I am interested in on my wall before making the final purchase decision?

As a Custom Service, I provide you the opportunity to preview how my works look in your space digitally. You can take a picture of the space where you are planning to place my work. Send me the photo by email and let me know which works you are interested in. Within an agreed timetable, you will get a demo picture showing how my work will look on your wall. For more information check out the Custom Services page.

The quality of final printed artworks comparing to the pictures on my screen? Are there any differences?

The colors, brightness, and contrast of your final printed artwork will be as close as possible to these pictures here in my Art Shop. Some slight differences may occur between these example pictures and final printed artworks, depending on various settings on each screen type and the type of selected fine art paper. I always choose the best paper for each fine art print to achieve the best possible piece of art. Note: All the pictures in my Art Shop are low-resolution versions for demonstration purposes only.

Do you provide framing services?
No, unfortunately, I don’t. I send my printed works rolled in a tube. For framing, please contact your local art framing services. All my artworks come with a white border (5 cm/2″) around the image for easy framing. All sizes are approximate.


How do you ship artwork?

All prints are packaged rolled in hard protective tubes to ensure safe delivery and to protect your art. The tube construction also makes unpacking quick and easy. It is better if you take the tube to your professional framing service and let them open the parcel. They are used to handle these kinds of parcels and artworks. This way, you will avoid print damages.

I send my “Fine Art” prints fully insured via international courier services. I am using mainly UPS Standard® service for shipping. For more information about their estimated delivery dates click here. Depending on your location, I might need to use some other courier companies as well.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. I ship my artworks almost to any destination in the world. The only limitation may occur by the courier services (mainly UPS Standard®) I am using for shipping. For more information about their estimated delivery dates click hereDepending on your location, I might need to use some other courier companies as well. Please email me if you have any questions about shipping to your location.

Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?

My artwork is typically shipped within five to ten business days. Then shipping depends on the delivery method and destination. For shipping, I use mainly UPS Standard® service. For more information about their estimated delivery dates click hereDepending on your location, I might need to use some other courier companies as well.

If you need your artwork delivered on a tight deadline, please contact me by email before making a purchase. You can leave also a note in Order notes (optional) when finalizing your order in my Art Shop so I can arrange expedited shipping, if only possible.

When I have received the estimated delivery timetable and tracking code from the selected courier company for your parcel I will let you know about them by email.

How much does shipping cost?

​It depends on your location and the international courier I will use with your artwork. I use mainly UPS Standard® service. I have the flat rate for all my shipping costs: to Europe 60 € (+ VAT 24%) and to the rest of the world 80 € (+ VAT 24%). You will see the final calculation on your shopping cart when finalizing your order.

How about taxes and international custom duties?

All costs, including shipping fees and any applicable taxes, will be visible on your shopping cart page prior to submitting your payment information. In addition, the buyer will also be responsible for paying international customs duties, determined by the country the artwork is being shipped to. These are charged by UPS or other courier companies I use to deliver your artwork. There are no customs duties to be paid within the European Union.

What forms of payment do you accept? Is it safe to pay with my credit card in your shop?

You can pay by credit card (at the moment VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS) in my Art Shop. If you want to receive an invoice by email, contact me by email.

Yes, it is safe to use your credit card. In my shop, you pay with your credit card via Stripe so I do not handle, collect or restore any credit card numbers. You can learn more from Stripe here.

But remember that you have always an option to receive an invoice from me too so it is not necessary to use your credit card to purchase my artworks.

Do I have to create a user account for purchasing any product in your Shop?

To be able to purchase a product from my Art Shop, it is not necessary to create a user account. Although, for returning customers, creating a user account makes purchasing easier and faster because you don’t have to rewrite all your contact information.

​​Do I get a certificate of authenticity with my purchased artwork?
Each Limited Edition fine art print contains a certificate of authenticity with my signature, including all the information about that artwork. With Open Edition prints you can’t get a certificate of authenticity because there is no quantity limit for Open Edition prints.

Is the artwork purchased at your store a financial investment?

Limited Edition Fine Art prints can be a financial investment as the demand for a particular piece of artwork grows. That is why they are suitable for collectors too. However, I encourage art patrons to purchase artworks for enjoyment and aesthetic values.

May I return a piece of artwork if it does not meet my expectations?

I want you to enjoy your new art in every possible way. But if the purchased artwork doesn’t work in your space or for any other reason, return it within 30 days (of receiving your order) and I will issue you a refund for the price of the art. Art must be returned in its original packaging. Prints that are returned damaged will not be refunded.

There are no returns on special orders or artwork that is altered at the request of the customer.

Check out my Refund Policy here.

Please, remember also that you have an opportunity to see a selected artwork on your wall digitally before you make the final purchase decision. For more information, check out the Custom Services page.

How do I return a piece of artwork?

My return process is easy. When you first receive your purchase, save the original packaging. Repackage the art in its original tube and follow the orders from my Refund Policy page.

What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?

To pack all my art prints for shipping, I use hard protective postal tubes to ensure safe delivery, so receiving damaged art is a rare occurrence. However, if you receive a damaged piece of art, contact me by email within 24 hours. Please save the tube and all packaging material and take some photos of damaged print; I must have it in order to process the claim.

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