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Here you can find some facts about me. For more information about my projects I have been doing in my life, please check out my full Biography.

– Two times Finnish Junior Chess Champion (U20) and the chess master title in 1985.
– Private composing studies and composing courses, e.g., with internationally acclaimed and award-winning composers Jean-Claude Risset (France) and York Höller (Germany).
– First joint exhibition in 1986.
– First composition concert in 1987.
– The shared Second Prize in a Composition Competition in Finland in 1988 for the work ”Tales for String Quartet.”
– Since the 1990s, numerous performances and concerts both in Finland and abroad, e.g., the composition concerts in 1991 in Moscow, and in 1992 in the Small Hall of the Saint-Petersburg Philharmonia, in Russia.
– Projects and collaborations with internationally acclaimed soloists, e.g., cellist Alexej Massarskij (Russia) and pianist Dmitri Klimov (Russia), who have performed my works in various concerts.
– My multimedia work “Verla” won the 3rd prize in INNOSUOMI Competition in 2001. The work included graphics, photographs, panoramas, old film, video, music, and audio.
– Through the decades 2000-2010, numerous multimedia, photographic, music & art projects.
– In 2019 I published most of my artworks as “Limited Edition Fine Art” prints. For more information about my art prints click here and check out my Showreel too.
– My book of poetry ”UNIEN VUOSISATA” will be released in 2022. For more information about my poetry click here.

Check out my full Biography too.

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