Sebastian Korman



I have always been interested in various art forms, as well as poetry and literature. Since I had found music compositions and the artistic values of chess at an early age, writing at that time did not feel like something that I should explore more seriously.

In Searching

Gradually, I became more interested in all kinds of writing. My first poems were born in the mid-1980s in Italy, where I was preparing for my first composition concert. Following my return to Finland and having my first concert in 1987, the art form of poetry found me. after exploring many different poets, I finally came to the world of French poetry (Baudelaire and Rimbaud), where I immediately found my soulscape.

Sebastian Korman composing in Florence, 1986.

Composing in Florence, 1986.

Those poets were exposing me to an entirely new world that is full of mysterious, surreal dreams. I was utterly, truly fascinated by this feeling. It also began to affect my own writing style both in music and in my poetry. And this effect has also appeared later in my visual art. Check out my works: “The Dreams of Young Orpheus” (2018). 

The Union of Music and Poetry

The interest in poetry and the possibilities of combining it with other art forms with new interesting ideas became evident in my next “Tales for String Quartet.” Originally the idea and the inspiration came from one of Charles Baudelaire’s poems, from his book “Le Spleen de Paris.” I participated with this new work of mine in the composing competition which was held in 1988 in Finland. In the competition, I shared the Second Prize.

Evolving and Publishing

To me, this innovative fusion of different art forms opened up doors to the world of poetry. Ever since the early 1990s, alongside my music, I began to focus more and more on my poetry. At the same time, I tried to extend my artistic palette to new dimensions that music as an art form does not allow because of its creative boundaries.

My book of poetry ”UNIEN VUOSISATA” (The Century of Dreams) will be released in 2022 in Finnish. It will be available from the biggest online bookstores. Check out below some examples from my upcoming book.

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