Sebastian Korman


Fine Art Print: The City of Light – Part 2

Category: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
Year: 2020
Techniques: Digital painting, photography, and photo editing.
Bridges! I have always wondered why beautiful and amazing bridges are so interesting and fascinating for me. But then one moment I realized that I am not alone with these thoughts of mine. Many artists have got the same feeling in history. For me, I think that it has something to do with this “Uomo Universale” and Leonardo da Vinci thing. He was one of the greatest artists but also a scientist, architect, and so many other things.
Maybe bridges generally represent for me of people’s amazing engineering skills and inventions, just like Leonardo da Vinci in his time. Seeing all those beautiful bridges makes me a huge impact and they remind me how people are capable of doing amazing things in this world. And maybe bridges for me are also like a symbol of two different things combined on some level. They can be passed and the present time, memories and hopes, fear and strength…

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