Sebastian Korman


Fine Art Print: The Roots of Earth

Category: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
Year: 2020
Techniques: Digital painting, photography, and photo editing.

This work is inspired by my previous art series “Veins of the Sea”… This time I am dealing with other basic elements of life – earth. These basic elements are important on many levels in my life, just the same way they have been since ancient cultures all over the world.

I was truly inspired already in 1993 by one of Japan’s most interesting contemporary artists, Toshikatsu Endo‘s text. He was writing about these basic and classical elements in a deep and artistic way. My solo cello work “Constellations” (1994) was based on his poetic thoughts.

My journey will continue with these elements in this artwork.

Click the picture to see it larger/full screen or check it out from my Art Shop.

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